ISR assist and support international students who wish to study abroad at a university, college or school.

International Student Recruitment (UK) Limited (ISR) is part of the ISR group of companies and was initially formed to assist international students to study abroad.

ISR provides vocational training, placement of federal, state, corporate and private sponsored students in appropriate international universities, colleges and schools; consultancy in the development and management of educational institutions; consultancy in the development and provision of primary, secondary and tertiary curriculum; facilitating international research collaborations; providing assistance with visa applications and student placement.

The first ISR company was incorporated in 2002 and has been trading successfully since that date.

The ISR team is able to draw from our wide range of expertise and experience in business, law and education to facilitate your successful enrolment in the university, college or school of your choice. Within the ISR organisation are immigration specialist lawyers who can assist with student visa issues.

We aim to provide you with a comprehensive and culturally sympathetic service. As an organisation we seek to do everything in excellence and we are conscious that our success is based on the service we provide. We are reliable, accountable and professional.

Thank you for choosing ISR

Elliot Lewis

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